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iPhone 7 Lightning Headphones to Help You Pump Up the Jams

Has it sunk in yet? The headphone jack, that little port that's been integral to handheld audio devices and phones for decades, is headed to the grave. It's all thanks to Apple, which took the "courageous" step of eliminating the hole in the name of throwing stereo speakers into the iPhone 7 $649.99 at T-Mobile, and, most likely, all future iOS (and Mac?) devices.

That leaves iPhone 7 users with two options if you want private audio. The smartest: get a set of Bluetooth headphones/earphones/earbuds for iPhone7. That's arguably what Apple is pushing most—an untethered audio experience.

However, there is still the Lightning connector. Used mostly as the power and data port, Lightning is already a pretty great slot for getting audio to headphones and earphones. It's been used for speaker docks for years.

A handful of headphones that plug into Lightning are already available. Some come with extra features you couldn't get on a 3.5mm headphone jack—like noise cancellation without extra batteries in the headphones. That's because the noise cancellation takes the extra power needed from the iPhone! Of course, you can't charge your iPhone at the same time without spending an extra $39.99 to get the an adapter.

We leave it up to you if you need that. Meanwhile, here's a look at the many headphones/earbuds/earphones you can get right now to plug into the Lightning connector.

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